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Schulthess innovations: surprising innovations

Unique innovations prove that Schulthess is always one step ahead with regard to expertise and technology. Thus the NEW Spirit washing machines and dryers feature world-firsts:

Schulthess washing machines for the private household: Top quality that is impressive

Your home is particularly dear to your heart and therefore quality is of great importance to you – and of course this also applies to your household appliances. At Schulthess we know that. 

You do not want just any washing machine. But one that is robust and impresses with top quality. One that saves water and energy, is uncomplicated and easy to operate. In short: one that sets the standard for washing laundry. 

Schulthess washing machines
 convince. Not only visually with their beautiful design, but also with unparalleled innovations that make your live a little easier:

  • World début 3D-Washing: Washing in a new dimension! For even better wash results with impressive time, power and detergent savings
  • 3D-Powerclean: Full programme in less than 1 hour
  • Express wash programme: For 20 minutes for lightly soiled laundry
  • Quickwash: The 15-minute quick wash programme for small loads 
  • World début programme groups: Many different individual programmes, practically combined and clearly arranged into 6 effective programme groups – selectable with the push of just one button 
  • Simpler than ever to operate: with colour display and logical user guidance – with World début front or top operating panel! 
  • Supersilent for extremely quite operation
  • Special programmes like Iron-Finish or Antibac
  • Top Swiss quality even where you do not see it: Washing liquor tanks from chrome steel instead of plastic

Schulthess washing machines: The Swiss made commitment #mucheasier

Schulthess dryers for the private household: clever technology and attractive design

People who love to live well do not leave the selection of household appliances to chance. Because especially here that certain something makes all the difference. At Schulthess we know that.

For you, a dryer is not just about hot air. It is an appliance that, thanks to its qualitative superior construction, is extremely durable. One that is characterized by sophisticated technology and first-class energy efficiency and saves time on top of that.

Schulthess dryers can do more than just look good and dry laundry:

  • Gentle drying: the drum system «ecodry» dries with a permanent flow of air at a constant temperature
  • Drying in the basket: for challenging laundry and unusual items such as athletic shoes
  • Petplus programme efficiently removes pet hair
  • Pollenclean programme removes pollen with the push of a button
  • Consistently high drying performance thanks to self-cleaning-system
  • Extremely quite when in operation 
  • Many special programmes such as Refresh, Synthetics, Impregnate
  • Energy efficiency with highest marks (Rating A+++)

Schulthess dryers: The Swiss made commitment #mucheasier