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Iron-Finish– no need to iron!

Blouses and shirts as good as ironed with the push of a button? That is exactly what the special programme Iron-Finish offers you.

Drying instead of ironing

Thanks to the special programme Iron-Finish, wearing blouses and shirts is a real joy! Because they only need to be hung up to dry and then look as good as if ironed. The Iron-Finish programme uses neither steam nor chemicals, which is gentle to the environment as well as to textiles.

No machine washes faster

Shorter laundry days with the Schulthess Spirit. On the one hand because of its easy, logical operation. On the other hand because the machines – like all Spirit models – offer the fastest wash programmes in Switzerland.

Typical Schulthess

The robust construction of our Spirit ensures durability and dependability. And pleasant quietness: Empa (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) confirms that the machine fulfils the stringent standards for night-time operation in apartments.


The renowned wfk-Institute in Krefeld (Germany) has tested the Iron-Finish technology and confirmed its effectiveness: “Significantly better than steam.”
According to tests WL 6491/13 and WL 6491A/13 conducted by the wfk-Institute for Applied Research.