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3 in 1: Plinth, drawer and laundry basket

The robust plinth facilitates comfortable and ergonomic loading and unloading of the machine. Integrated into the plinth are a pull-out drawer and a fold-out laundry basket – 3 in 1! The drawer offers lots of storage space for detergents and other care products, as well as other utensils. The plinth drawer is available in white for all washing machines and dryer of the Spirit line, except for the Eco model.

Space-saving with stacking kit

Washing machine on the bottom, dryer on top: Stacking washer and dryer opens up additional living space or it might even make it possible to have a dryer at all. 

Stacking kits with or without pull-out table provide a stable connection. The optional pull-out table offers a place to conveniently fold fresh laundry at optimum heights.

Gently drying delicate fabrics with the special basket

The drying basket, developed for particularly delicate laundry items, is different from the rotating drying process. In the special basket, the items are dried by hot air circulation without spinning. Even plush toys, gym shoes, baseball caps or delicate wool sweaters can be dried without worries.