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Pollenclean - Allergy sufferers can breathe easy

Pollen are small but insidious, causing major problems for allergy sufferers. The solution from Schulthess is Pollenclean.

Pollen reduction at the push of a button

With the push of a button, the Schulthess Pollenclean programme removes troublesome and persistent plant pollen almost completely from textiles. Just put garments that have been worn, blankets, curtains and other fabrics (including dry-clean-only textiles such as jackets with trim etc.) into the dryer for 20 min. Pollen are gently and energy-efficiently separated from the textiles with a stream of air and trapped in a special filter. This special filter can be used several times and replacement filters are available at your local dealer.





Order special Pollenclean filters online

Order your special filters for the heat pump dryers model Spirit 640 artLine, Spirit 640, Spirit 630 and Spirit eMotion TW 7338.


  1. Use special pollen filters only for the pollenClean programme. Take out Filter A and B, remove filter A, open filter B.
  2. Insert special pollen filter into filter B up to the stop.
  3. Insert filter combination into dryer. Remove cardboard hand protection and start pollenClean programme.
  4. Remove pollen filter after the end of the programme with the cardboard hand protection.
  5. Store filter and cardboard hand protection in the packaging until next use. Push in a reminder field on the packaging after each use.