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Especially for animal lovers: with Petplus to combat pet hair

With the special programme Petplus, Schulthess developed a dryer that dependably removes pet hair from clothing and textiles.

Removes animal hair at the press of a button

The Schulthess Spirit 630 has all the advantages of a Schulthess dryer and additionally offers a special programme to remove pet hair. At the push of a button, your laundry is gently dried as usual but in addition pet hair and allergens are removed as well.

Smart, economical, quiet and robust

The Spirit dryer clean themselves after each drying cycle by automatically rinsing the heat exchanger several time with condensation water. The dryer only needs one combination filter. It is integrated into the door and is easy to clean. As all Schulthess machines, these dryers meet the leading-edge Schulthess quality standards: energy-efficient, quiet thanks to Supersilent, durable and robust.

Typically Schulthess

Although the Schulthess Spirit 630 is a special model, it is a typical Schulthess machine. The robust design, for example, is a guarantee for durability and reliability.