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MSI 25/100 Finishing (Laundry ironing machines)

The small laundry ironing machine with 25-30 cm roller diameter and 100 cm roller length

The "small ones" from Schulthess

The series of "smaller" ironing machines from Schulthess with roller diameters of 25-30 cm is convincing because of its quality, performance and optimum price-performance ratio. The ironers are outstandingly well equipped for machines of this size giving the customer convenient and reliable service for years. 


  • Dimensions: 1085 / 1520 / 443 mm
  • Weight: 104 kg
  • Evaporative capacity: 20 kg/h
  • Roller diameter: 250 mm
  • Roller length: 1000 mm
  • Roller speed: 1-5 m/min
  • Floor load: 0,62 kg/cm2
  • Laundry output: at front


  • high-quality trough system with steel troughs and optimum contact pressure
  • laundry outlet at front (mod. MSI 30/180 if required outlet also at rear)
  • simple, unproblematic single-person operation
  • operation by means of a foot-operated bar
  • infinitely variable speed control 
  • infinitely variable temperature control
  • finger guard, emergency stop switch and safety thermostat
  • main switch on the machine
  • specially suitable for smaller house laundries for dealing with small items
  • capacity up to 20 kg dry washing per hour lining: steel wool; as option: spring covering space-saving laundry output from the front


Veit ironing products

Veit ironing products round off the overall product range for professional laundries

VEIT GmbH has exclusively commissioned Schulthess as its general agent in Switzerland for the sales and service of VEIT ironing and finishing systems for laundries.
VEIT GmbH, based in the Bavarian town of Landsberg launches a general product range of superior quality ironing machines, ironing tables, finishing dummies, professional irons and corresponding accessories. The company has a significant market share in all European countries and supplies its products to customers all over the world.

Prospectus generale ironing technology
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