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Payment systems - Cost allocation made easy

Wherever machines are available to a number of users it is important that the costs for washing and drying can be clearly allocated without much expense under the 'polluter pays' principle. Schulthess has therefore developed collection and payment systems which make it easy to track the takings and sales figures. The latest masterpiece: The Schulthess prepaid-card system, the contactless card reader system.

The integrated prepaid card system

The Schulthess prepaid card is a stored credit card that the caretaker can easily top up on a computer using special PC software, or directly on the machine. It operates contact-free via wireless, with an RFID chip to ensure reliable data transmission without wear (of magnetic strips, for example). The new prepaid card system – which can be integrated into all topLine models on request – provides total cost transparency at all times. The costs of washing or drying programmes are shown on the display and are debited directly from the card.

How it works:

  • Select the programme
  • Read the programme price on the display 
  • Push the card into the opening
  • Programme costs are debited
  • Finished!

Simple to manage: thanks to the prepaid card system, administration and communication with the machine are simple and straightforward via the contact-free card system.



New: prepaid card system: single or twin

The advantages of the prepaid card system are clear. It is very easy to use and always offers 100% cost transparency. In addition it is possible for property managers to programme their desired washing tariffs in advance. On the other hand, for the users it is always clear how much each wash or dry cycle costs and how much credit remains for the next wash cycle. The programme price is now displayed when selecting a programme - "Remove the card and press Start."



The integrated cash-card system

The tried and tested Schulthess cash-card system is also directly integrated on request into the Spirit-topLine models. The costs of the various washing and drying programmes can be individually entered with this system too. Also, if you have an older or mixed selection of appliances, the cash-card system can be fitted retrospectively.



New: Coin-System

The Schulthess coin box – the traditional payment system – is still a reliable option that is easy to operate. Tenants can use coins from 10 centimes up to 5 francs to operate these devices, which are each installed on a washing machine or dryer. A display shows the remaining washing or drying time. Attractive features for caretakers: coin boxes are simple to programme and the cash cassettes are easy to empty. The device automatically rejects faulty coins.